Exclusive Real Estate In Highlands, Cashiers, Lake Glenvile & Sapphire, North Carolina





People don't talk about it a lot, but finding the right real estate agent can be the difference between a happy, stress-free home buying experience, and an unhappy, stressful experience.

First, you'll want an agent ready and able to make a full-time commitment to you.  All of our agents work full time in real estate and love what they do.   When you have a passion for your profession, you work harder and do your job better than agents who only “play” with real estate.

Second, you'll want an agent with the experience needed to know the local neighborhoods and their amenities, market conditions, local ordinances, etc. Unlike buying a home or piece of land in the city, buying in the mountains presents a whole new set of challenges and questions which need to be addressed.    With our years of experience in the local market, we have the expertise and track record of success you need to experience “mountain living with a Carolina style.”

Third, you'll want an agent who embraces the convenience of technology without losing the personal touch.   You'll love the resources available on our website, but these will never replace the time we spend with you, serving as your personal guide through this exciting process.

We hope you will come for a visit, but stay for a lifetime.   We can help you find your way HOME.



The real estate market in Highlands and Cashiers has not only been remarkable over the years, it has also been fairly recession proof.  Although we feel some of the same bumps in the road that are felt in all markets, Highlands and Cashiers real estate had been blessed with consistent, almost predictable rates of increased property values.

Meadows Mountain Realty has vast experience in client satisfaction in both marketing and sales.  We have been training to sell your home for years.   Selling homes doesn't happen by magic, routine, or accident.  It happens because of a comprehensive marketing plan.  Creating a complete, well-thought-out plan to market your property and then carrying out that plan in a timely way are the keys to successful property marketing.   

Local Advertising:  One of the most important parts of our marketing is to have other agents preview your property. Agents are more likely to show a property that they are familiar with rather than one they have not seen, so we will host an Open House for the local Realtors. Our goal is to ensure that all agents are familiar with your property and have all the pertinent information. 

We will call, fax or email you to let you know if your property was shown and if so, what feedback we have received from the showing agent.

Multiple Listing Service:  Our Highlands-Cashiers Multiple Listing Service is the first place agents go when researching potential properties for their Buyer Clients. Our MLS service not only gives the agent the facts about the property, but includes directions, days on the market and usually includes photographs of the home or a plat of the home site.

Internet Marketing:   Today's buyer is internet savvy and has already done a lot of research into our market before they ever visit our area.   In this market, we believe that the internet is more important than ever.    Statistics from the National Association of Realtors indicate that more than 88% of buyers search the internet first before they visit and actually look at property.   We believe that the number is even higher in the Highlands-Cashiers market.    So a strong internet presence is vital to the marketing of any property.   

In addition, we have linked our website to the Highlands and Cashiers Chamber of Commerce websites, to both of the Highlands newspaper websites and to the Asheville Citizens Times website. We also place your home in www.realtor.com, www.homes.com, www.trulia.com, www.zillow.com, www.frontdoor.com (which is a HGTV site), www.craigslist.comwww.dupontregistry.com and in www.luxuryhomes.com.   Your listing is also on the Google Housing search site, in Yahoo classifieds and on MSN Real Estate. We also create an individual property website for each of our listed homes. This gives the home more of a chance to be seen on the internet and helps to drive more traffic to our main website. We recently entered into an agreement with an Internet company to syndicate our listings every night with search engines, real estate websites and newspapers online. In this difficult market, we continually strive to make our web presence more visible and as a result increase the potential for buyers to see your home on the web.


We also create each visual tour for each of our listed properties, which can be seen on our web sites and at www.tourfactory.com.   A report will be emailed to you each week showing how many times your tour was views.   A visual tour allows prospective buyers to "walk through" the home or view a property from their own computer.  Visual tours aren't taking the work out of real estate sales, most customers still expect to see a property in person before they sign a contract, but online tours have emerged as more than just high-tech gimmickry.  Consumers enjoy the tours, and they help buyers come into the market with a better understanding of the product, which can shorten transaction time.   

Time on the Market: The time to sell a property depends on many variables. Buyers are looking for value for the price. The time to sell depends on how competitive your property is versus the competition.  Pricing to sell initially reduces the days on the market, time and hassle.  To maximize the value of your home and to shorten the length of time on the market, it is important to improve the quality, color, smell and feel of each area of the property.  In other words, you need to outperform your competition.

The Real Estate Transaction: The next step is the Offer to Purchase and Contract which will not only have an offering price, but will also include terms and timing. There may be contingencies such as inspections, repairs, appraisals, mortgage approvals, changes of dates and addendums. We are here to explain and help you through the contract maze with our expertise and advice.   We work as a team with consistent communication to ensure that all aspects of selling your property go effortlessly.  


 I was asked recently what the one skill is that a REALTOR® needs in order to be successful. That was a tough question.

The one skill…I thought about it over and over. There are so many skills Agents need to be successful.  We have to have good presentation skills, marketing skills, negotiating skills, objection handling skills, technology skills.   Then it hit me.  All those skills pale in contrast to this one: Persistence.  It will allow us to win in life no matter what obstacles that are placed in front of us.    Calvin Coolidge, our 30th president, said it very well.   “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence”.

Please be assured that we will always be persistent and market your property in the best possible ways.